Piano Name: Bösendorfer
Website: Bösendorfer
Model: 200
Made in: Austria
Parent Company: Yamaha Corporation
Company Location: Japan
Length: 6′ 7″

Impressions: “The Bösendorfer 200 feels luxurious and felty. At 200cm long (6’7″), it’s wonderfully a ‘big piano in a small body’. OK maybe not small, but it feels very concert-like for being a 200. The pianissimo is light and feathery. At louder dynamic ranges it feels more bold. The tone in bass and middle are warm and soft, contrasting to the fairly brilliant top end signature of Bösendorfer. Clear bell sustain in the top is fabulous!” ~ Glen Barkman

History: Ignaz Bösendorfer established his company in 1828 when he registered his business in Vienna as a piano maker. By 1859, upon his passing, Ludwig Bösendorfer furthered the company moving into larger facilities. A century later having undergone ownership changes, the company resided in the hands of Kimball Piano Company. Finally in 2008, Yamaha Corporation purchased the company. Pianos are still made in Austria and Yamaha states that they have no plans of changing production or manufacturing methods.

Dimensions: 6’7″x59″ or 2m 0cm x 151cm

Available Finishes: Satin or Polished Ebony, White or Other Colors, Special Veneers. Available in styles of Chrome, Edge, Strauss, Klimt, Schubert, Liszt, Senator, Baroque, Chopin, Vienna and Artisan

Features: Austrian high altitude solid spruce pre-crowned soundboard ~ Maple & red beech pinblock with walnut veneer top ~ Traditional cast iron plate ~ High tension independant capo bar construction ~ Solid red beech and spruce rim pieced together ~ Hand wound single looped strings ~ Hand-notched bridges ~ Renner underfelted “orange” hammers ~ Spruce keys ~ 10 Year parts and labor warranty

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