Review: Playing the Fazioli F212 piano at the NAMM trade show, I found it to be a delight to play. I found that it had a perfect touch/tone correlation meaning that my intention of dynamic level matched perfectly to the corresponding response in not only volume but timbre. As you play quietly, the timbre is soft and felty and when you turn up the heat, it delivers this strident sound. Fazioli is among the world stage boutique makers and the F212 fits as a perfect companion to the larger F228 and concert F278 models in the line. Impeccably finished and a delight to play. For more information on Fazioli, refer to our interview with Paolo Fazioli.

Piano Name: Fazioli
Website: Fazioli
Model: F212
Made in: Italy
Parent Company: Fazioli Pianoforti
Company Location: Italy
Length: 6′ 11″

History: Despite being a relatively newcomer to the stage having established his company in 1981, Paolo Fazioli has nonetheless become a competition to the high end piano market. Located just northeast of Venice, Italy, this family run business offers a full line of hand crafted grand pianos.

Dimensions: 6’11″x60″ or 2m 12cm x 152cm

Available Finishes: Satin or Polished Ebony, Other Veneers. Styles come in: Amboina, Chiocciola, Fairmont, M. Liminal, Macassar, Malachite, Marco Polo, Royal, Silver, Strauss, Walnut California Brier

Features: Val de Fiemme Italian alps quarter sawn soundboard ~ Laminated maple rim ~ Radial spruce beam frame ~ Red spruce ribs ~ Traditional sand cast frame ~ Delignit pinblock ~ Renner action ~ Kluge keyboard ~ Adjustable capo d’astro bar ~ Maple and mahogany hand notched bridges ~ Double duplex scale design ~ 10 Year warranty

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