Boston GP215 Grand Piano

Piano Name: Boston Website: Boston Model: GP-215 Made in: Japan Parent Company: Steinway Company Location: USA Length: 7′ 1″

History: Introduced in 1992, Boston is the name of Steinway’s middle line of pianos. Steinway designed, built by Kawai to Steinway’s specifications. All grand pianos are manufactured in Japan. Dimensions: 7’1″x61″ or 2m 15cm x 155cm Available Finishes: Polished Ebony, White, American Walnut or African Mahogany Features: Laminated hard rock maple inner rim, Phillipine mahogany outer rim ~ Radiating laminated mahogany beams ~ Octagrip 11 ply hard rock maple pinblock ~ Solid sitka spruce soundboard ~ 13 Ribs ~ Vertically laminated maple and mahogany capped bridges with cantilevered bass ~ Agraffe double duplex construction ~ Mapes bass strings ~ 21.6lb hammers ~ V-pro cast iron ~ Maple action parts ~ Spruce keys ~ Spruce and hardwood keybed and frame ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Slow close fallboard

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