Ravenscroft 220 Grand Piano

Piano Name: Ravenscroft Website: Ravenscroft Model: 220 Made in: Germany & USA Parent Company: Ravenscroft Company Location: USA Length: 7’3″

Impressions “The Ravenscroft model 220 is one of the few featherweight pianos I have tested where the resistance to your fingers at pianissimo feels effortless. It allows you to feel every graduation of touch. The tone in the middle is moderate in brilliance and the bass is not strident but up the middle for warmth and allows the player to voice the performance. The top tapers into bright and bell-like tones.” ~ Glen Barkman History: Under the direction of Michael Spreeman, Ravenscroft Pianos is an American-based boutique manufacturer having cabinets hand crafted in Germany then shipped to Arizona,USA for customization. Read our interview with Michael Spreeman. Dimensions: 7’3″x60″ or 2m 20cm x 150cm Available Finishes: Polished Ebony, Pyramid Mahogany or Burled Walnut. Other cabinets furbished upon request. Features: Val di Fiemme soundboards ~ Beech pinblocks ~ Renner actions ~ Renner hammers ~ Titanium terminations ~ CAD optimized actions ~ Kluge keys ~ Traditional cast iron plate ~ Multilayer braces with inlaid beech bars ~ Duplex scale ~ Maple, mahogany and ebony laminated bridges ~ 5 Year Warranty

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