Piano Name: Story & Clark
Website: Story & Clark
Model: H90
Made in: Indonesia
Parent Company: QRS Music Technologies
Company Location: USA
Length: 6′ 8″

History: Hampton Story started building pianos in 1857. By 1884, Mr. Story retired and Melville Clark joined the firm and the name was changed to Story & Clark. In 1993 the company was purchased by QRS Music Rolls, makers of player piano rolls. Since 2008 all pianos come equipped with MIDI USB outputs. Presently the pianos are being built in Indonesia by SMC Music Corporation

Dimensions: 6’8″x60″ or 2m 08cm x 153cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony

Features: German double felted hammers ~ Roeslau strings ~ Agraffe construction ~ Maple bridges with cantilevered bass ~ 16 Ply pinblock ~ Pre-crowned ribs notched to the inner rim ~ Laminated hardwood rim and beams ~ All maple action with aluminum rail ~ Solid spruce balanced keys ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Laminated spruce soundboard ~ Sand cast iron plate ~ PNOscan, PNOmation, USB and MIDI-out provide connectivity ~ 3 year parts and labor warranty /2 on electronics

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