Schimmel K230 Grand Piano

Piano Name: Schimmel
Website: Schimmel
Model: K230
Made in: Germany
Parent Company: Pearl River majority shareholder in Schimmel alliance
Company Location: China
Length: 7′ 7″

Impressions: “If you’re looking for the quintessential power machine, this is it. What makes the Schimmel K230 feel like this? It’s a combination of lighter touch with crystal pure tone – in part, I imagine from the double duplex system. I found this piano to have really nice response in touch at all dynamic levels – on the lighter side. And the tone was above center – bass, mid and treble all had a brilliance to them. Really fun to play (I don’t say that about many pianos) but it feels a little like a hot-rod.” ~ Glen Barkman

History: In 1882, Wilhelm Schimmel learned piano making at the Vogel & Sohn factory in Leipzig, Germany. Now 4th generation Hannes Schimmel-Vogel directs the family business of Schimmel Pianofortefabrik. The Schimmel line is divided into 4 distinct levels: The upper level “Konzert” is the latest design utilizing computer enhanced concepts and scale. “Classic” is the traditional line. “Wilhelm Schimmel” is Schimmel designed and built in Poland. Models are marked K,C and W respectively.

Dimensions: 7’7″x60″ or 2m 30cm x 150cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony

Features: Bavarian high altitude solid spruce soundboard ~ Triplex system ~ Mineral keytops ~ Ebony sharps ~ Traditional sand cast plate ~ Mass reduced flexible bridge ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Nickel plated steel tuning pins ~ Agraffe design ~ 10 Year warranty

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