Petrof P135 Upright Piano

Piano Name: Petrof
Website: Petrof
Model: P135 K1
Made in: Czech Republic
Parent Company: Petrof
Company Location: Czech Republic
Height: 53″

History: Antonin Petrof built his first grand piano in 1864 after traveling to Vienna in 1857 to learn piano manufacturing. After World War II, the company and property were confiscated under nationalization but in 1990, Jan Petrof took over the company with the return of democracy and privatization. 2004 marked the year when 5th generation Zuzana Ceralov√°-Petrofov√° became president. Today the company continues to expand and build pianos from the Czech Republic.

Dimensions: 54″x58″x24″ or 135cm x 145cm x 60cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony

Features: 5 Backposts ~ Laminated beech pinblock ~ Solid beech hardwood bridges ~ Traditional cast iron plate ~ 88 note agraffe design ~ Spruce jointed keys ~ Keytops made from Polyplex ~ Hornbeam action parts ~ Aluminum action rail ~ Quarter sawn solid spruce soundboard ~ European spruce ribs ~ Nickel plated steel tuning pins ~ Mapes bass strings ~ Roeslau wire ~ Beech or spruce back frame ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Abel or Renner hammers ~ Renner action ~ Renner dampers ~ 10 Year warranty

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