Review: The Bluthner D upright piano I tested sounded soft in bass, tenor and treble ranges. It subsequently feels very comfortable to play when the tone is more subdued. The color of the sound was interesting at various dynamic levels and this made the playing very engaging. Touch is even throughout and the piano has a moderate weight and feel to the keys. In addition, the music rest runs the full length of the keys which is great when you have a large arrangement. ~ Glen Barkman

Piano Name: Blüthner
Website: Bluthner
Model: D
Made in: Germany
Parent Company: Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik
Company Location: Germany
Height: 45″

History: Julius Bluthner established the Bluthner piano factory in 1853. Although he died in 1910, his 3 sons took over the company. During World War II, the factory was completely decimated and was rebuilt under national control of East Germany. By 1990, the Bluthner family resumed control and built new facilities just outside Leipzig in 1997.

Dimensions: 45.5″x60″x24″ or 116cm x 150cm x 60cm

Available Finishes: Satin or Polished Ebony or White

Features: Solid spruce soundboard ~ Delignit pinblock ~ Renner action ~ Abel hammers ~ Traditional sand cast plate ~ Practice mute pedal ~ Polyester finish ~ 10 Year parts and labor warranty

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