Piano Name: August Förster
Website: August Förster
Model: 134K
Made in: Germany
Parent Company: August Förster
Company Location: Germany
Height: 53″

History: August Förster established his company in 1859 in Löbau, Germany. Being made into a nationalized company post World War II, the company still managed to stay under family leadership. After the collapse of the government of the German Democratic Republic, Wolfgang Foerster was able to re-privatize the family business. Most recently, the business was passed to Annekatrin Förster and with a staff of approximately 40, they continue to traditionally manufacture pianos in Germany.

Dimensions: 53″x60″x24″ or 134cm x 150cm x 60cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony

Features: Mountain spruce soundboard and ribs ~ Beech and spruce frame ~ Hard rock maple bridges ~ Traditional sand cast iron plate ~ Renner action ~ Premium Renner hammers ~ Premium spruce keys ~ 19 ply “Delignit” beech pinblock ~ German “Diamant” tuning pins ~ Röslau wire

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