Piano Name: Mason & Hamlin
Website: Mason & Hamlin
Model: 50
Made in: USA
Parent Company: Mason & Hamlin Piano Co.
Company Location: USA
Height: 50″

History: Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin established their reed organ company in the year 1854. By 1883, Mason & Hamlin started manufacturing pianos. After undergoing many ownership changes spanning more than a century, the piano company has finally resided in the hands of Burgett brothers who have advanced the company into the 21st century incorporating computer controlled machinery with age old piano building techniques.

Dimensions: 52″x60.5″x24″ or 132cm x 152cm x 60cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony

Features: Solid white spruce soundboard ~ 5 Layer quarter sawn pinblock ~ 17 ply post construction (4 posts) ~ 3.5″ Rim construction ~ Renner action parts ~ Renner hammers ~ Square brass tube action rail filled with maple ~ Chrome tuning pins ~ Maple bridges ~ Traditional sand cast full-perimeter plate ~ Unique “Tension Resonator” ~ Aliquot design ~ 12 Year warranty

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