Piano Name: Palatino
Website: Palatino
Model: PUP-126TU
Made in: China
Parent Company: The Music Link
Company Location: USA
Height: 50″

History: Despite being a relative newcomer to the piano world (2000), Palatino is nonetheless producing a substantial amount of pianos and started distribution in the USA in 2002. The parent company, AXL Musical Instruments manufactures various kinds of stringed instruments with 20 manufacturing plants in China and representation in a dozen countries.

Dimensions: 48″x60″x24″ or 123cm x 151cm x 60cm

Available Finishes: 123T (Traditional) is available in Polished Ebony and Mahogany. 123C have two variations of carvings and are available in Polished and Satin Mahogany.

Features: Traditional sand cast plate ~ Solid spruce soundboard ~ 10 spruce ribs ~ 6 back posts ~ Hard rock maple bridges ~ 18 ply hard rock maple pinblock ~ Nickel plated steel pressure bar ~ All maple action parts ~ Aluminum action rail with 3 brackets ~ High quality Japanese hammers ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Roeslau wire

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