Piano Name: Grotrian
Website: Grotrian
Model: G-113/Contour
Made in: Germany
Parent Company: Parsons Music Corporation
Company Location: China
Height: 44″

History: In 1835, Friedrich Grotrian established a partnership with Theodor Steinweg (also known in America as Steinway). Friedrich’s son Wilhelm Grotrian purchased shares when Theodor left to help run Steinway in New York. Known as Grotrian-Steinweg (or simply Grotrian in North America), the company was recently purchased (2015) by Parsons from Hong Kong. With this new partnership, they are committed to the continuation of German manufacturing and have also introduced the Friedrich Grotrian line (2017) where cabinet, iron, soundboard and strings are made in China then the remainder is finished in Germany. At the NAMM 2018 show, they displayed the Wilhelm Grotrian line, completely manufactured in China. Read the Grotrian article for more information.

Dimensions: 44″x59″x21.5″ or 113cm x 148cm x 54cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony

Features: Star back frame ~ 11 Spruce ribs ~ Spruce soundboard ~ Laminated beech pinblocks ~ Abel hammers ~ Renner action ~ Strunz soundboard ~ Delignit pinblock ~ Traditional cast iron plate ~ Vertically laminated beech bridges with maple cap ~ Roeslau strings ~ Grotrian bass strings ~ “Ivoplast” keytops ~ 5 Year warranty

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