Review: The Knabe WMV 245 upright piano I would describe as bold and bright. At all dynamic levels ~ pianissimo, mezzo forte and fortissimo, the piano responded with firm touch, above the average touch of most pianos. So if you like solid feel, this piano is for you. Tone, also is on the brighter side with a somewhat brassy bass and mid range followed by a sparkling top end. Overall, it gives the impression of being a solid piano and represents good value. I believe it also looks better in person than in pictures. ~ Glen Barkman

Piano Name: Knabe
Website: Knabe
Model: WMV-245
Made in: Indonesia
Parent Company: Samick Music Corp.
Company Location: Korea
Height: 43″

History: William Knabe established his company in Baltimore, USA in the year 1839 and remained in the family until 1906. As a well established name, the Knabe company became part of larger conglomerates until finally residing in the hands of Samick Music Corporation in the year 2000 where it has become the flagship brand for SMC. As of 2011, Knabe has been divided into 3 levels: Baltimore (WV models), Academy (WMV models) and Concert (WKV models).

Dimensions: 44″x58″x22″ or 110cm x 148cm x 56cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony or Mahogany, Semi-Gloss Mahogany, Walnut or Cherry, Satin Ebony

Features: Solid spruce Canadian soundboard ~ Hand notched maple capped bridges ~ Solid spruce ribs notched to the inner liner ~ Traditional sand cast plate ~ Maple action with aluminum action rail ~ Balanced and weighted keys ~ Roeslau strings ~ 15 Ply hard rock maple pinblock ~ Nickel plated tuning pins ~ Slow close fallboard ~ Solid brass hardware ~ 10 Year warranty

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