Sauter 112 Upright Piano

Piano Name: Sauter
Website: Sauter
Model: 112
Made in: Germany
Parent Company: Carl Sauter Pianofortemanufaktur
Company Location: Germany
Height: 44″

History: Established in 1819, the company has it’s roots from Johann Grimm, apprentice of famous Streicher Piano Company. Upon Grimm’s passing, the company was left to Carl Sauter. This began a lineage of Sauters: Johann, Carl II, Hans and now sixth generation Ulrich Sauter oversees operations of Sauter Pianofortemanufaktur in Germany.

Dimensions: 44″x60″x24″ or 112cm x 149cm x 60cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony or Satin Walnut

Features: Bavarian solid spruce soundboards ~ Beech pinblocks ~ Renner actions ~ Sauter keys ~ Sauter bass strings ~ Steel reinforced keybed ~ Traditional cast iron plate ~ 5 Year Warranty

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