Friedrich Grotrian Studio 110 Upright Piano

Piano Name: Friedrich Grotrian
Website: Grotrian
Model: Studio 110
Made in: Germany
Parent Company: Parsons Music Corporation
Company Location: China
Height: 43.5″

History: In 1835, Friedrich Grotrian established a partnership with Theodor Steinweg (also known in America as Steinway). Friedrich’s son Wilhelm Grotrian purchased shares when Theodor left to help run Steinway in New York. Known as Grotrian-Steinweg (or simply Grotrian in North America), the company still operates as a family run enterprise (6th generation) in Braunschweig, Germany.

Dimensions: 44.5″x59″x21″ or 111cm x 148cm x 52cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony or White, Satin Ebony or White

Features: Square back frame ~ Spruce ribs ~ Spruce soundboard

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