Boston UP126E Upright Piano

Piano Name: Boston Website: Boston Model: UP-126E Made in: Japan Parent Company: Steinway Company Location: USA Height: 50″

History: Introduced in 1992, Boston is the name of Steinway’s middle line of pianos. Steinway designed, built by Kawai to Steinway’s specifications. With the exception of the UP118, built in Indonesia, all other pianos are manufactured in Japan. Dimensions: 49.5″x59″x24″ or 126cm x 151cm x 62cm Available Finishes: Polished Ebony or Mahogany Features: Staggered spruce backposts (5) ~ Octagrip 11 ply multi-directional maple pinblock ~ Solid Sitka spruce soundboard ~ 11 spruce ribs notched into inner rim ~ Solid maple bridges with cantilevered base ~ Vacuum cast iron plate ~ Steinway specified hammers 20.8 lbs top felt ~ Solid maple action ~ Aluminum action rail ~ Spruce keys individually weighted ~ Laminated hardwood keybed ~ Solid brass hardware

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