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Piano Name: Essex Website: Essex Model: EUP-108C Made in: China Parent Company: Steinway Musical Instruments Inc. Company Location: USA Height: 42″

History: Introduced in 2001, Essex is the name of Steinway’s cost effective piano line. Steinway designed, built by Pearl River in China to Steinway’s specifications. Dimensions: 42.5″x58″x21.5″ or 108cm x 147cm x 55cm Available Finishes: Ebony Polish Features: Staggered spruce backposts (5) ~ Laminated multi-directional maple pinblock ~ Solid spruce soundboard ~ Ribs notched into inner rim ~ Vertically laminated maple bridges with solid maple cap ~ Roeslau wire ~ Steinway specified hammers ~ All wood action ~ Aluminum action rails ~ All wood back construction

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