A grand piano that measures about 5’8″ or 1m 70cm in length is considered the most popular household grand size. It is small enough to comfortably fit into any environment and yet large enough to deliver substantial depth of tone. If you’re considering either a baby grand or a medium sized grand, it would be worthwhile to hear the difference between the two. The actions will be similar meaning that they will play similarly but the tone, especially in the bass blossoms in grands longer than 5’6″ (1m 67cm). A medium sized grand has approximately the same string length as about a 52″ tall upright piano. See the string length chart in the article What Size Piano Should I Buy? When shopping for a grand piano, you will notice that there is often a substantial jump in prices from baby grand to medium grand. That’s because some consider the baby grand an ‘entry level’ piano while the medium grand size is the smallest of the ‘full-sized’ grands. This term ‘full size’ gets bantered about significantly and really, it simply refers to string length in pianos that are longer than a baby grand. The medium sized grand piano technically is the smallest ‘full-size’ category of grand piano. If you notice that most of the model numbers range from 165-179, that’s usually the length of the piano in centimeters. Additionally, models such as G57, that’s the length in feet and inches ie 5′ 7″.


There are 4 common sizes of upright pianos and 6 categories of grand sizes available. For a detailed description of each size, click on the desired size of piano. Upright pianos are qualified by height and grand pianos are measured by length. Assuming that most pianos have 88 standard-sized keys, piano width is similar. Depth of upright pianos range from 21″ to 27″ (52cm-67cm).