Considered the king of the piano, the concert grand takes the stage. Measuring approximately 9′ to 10′ long (2m 70 to 3m 10), the concert grand has the largest soundboard diaphragm to output the greatest dynamic range. From a whisper to a thunderous roar, the concert grand also has the longest bass strings to add wonderful depth of tone. I believe everyone should have an opportunity to stand beside a concert grand at some point in their lives. It’s a sound like no other. The concert grand gets recorded often and transformed into ‘samples’ that get installed into digital keyboards but the keyboard renditions don’t do justice to the magnitude of a concert grand in real life. Just as a photo cannot capture the beauty of a sunset ~ we need to see it first hand to be emotionally moved by it, so too the sound of a concert grand in real life is one that we cannot capture in a recording. The string tension can be upwards of 30 tons and the subsequent framework required is substantial. Not all piano makers manufacture these giants but the ones who do are listed below. As you will see, prices vary considerably.
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There are 4 common sizes of upright pianos and 6 categories of grand sizes available. For a detailed description of each size, click on the desired size of piano. Upright pianos are qualified by height and grand pianos are measured by length. Assuming that most pianos have 88 standard-sized keys, piano width is similar. Depth of upright pianos range from 21″ to 27″ (52cm-67cm).