What is Piano Price Point about? In 2010, I realized that there was sufficient information about piano company profiles but the information had not been gathered and sorted into price ranges, also known as price points. And so after a few years of research and programming, Piano Price Point was launched. Simply, Piano Price Point is a free online comparative look at all makes and models of new acoustic pianos on the market today. Are there more names of pianos out there? Absolutely. But the companies represented on this website comprise the vast majority. They are global companies with infrastructure, warehousing and support. With the touch of a button, you can view pianos and sort them by price point, brand or size.

In 2014, the Piano Price Point blog was initiated. The purpose of the blog is to write direct source articles explaining the piano, parts of the piano and the industry. To accomplish this, I frequent trade shows, have traveled to various piano factories in several countries and even Skyped interviews with piano makers from halfway across the globe. I’ve spoken to the industry specialists in soundboards, piano action parts, felt manufacturing and string making. You may have heard the saying, “the people make the place”. In the piano industry, one unexpected surprise is how much I have enjoyed meeting the people who are passionate about making pianos. I’ve met Christian Bluthner from Bluthner Piano in Germany, Paolo Fazioli of Fazioli in Italy, Zuzana Petrof of Petrof from the Czech Republic, Indrek Laul who lives in Estonia and owns Estonia Pianos, Hailun Chen from Hailun Pianos in China. I’ve conversed with Hannes Schimmel-Vogel from Schimmel Pianos, spoken with Clemens von Arnim from Renner, Jack Brand from Weickert, Christian Bolduc from Pianos Bolduc and many more. Below are listed just a sampling of the pianos on the site. This is an example of how Piano Price Point works.

Just prior to 2015, I began connecting with piano technicians and provide piano listings for tuners and technicians. It has grown to over 850 piano technicians from 24 countries. After hiring an independent programmer, we’ve created our own map application to create a directory nearest you.

So why do all of this? I’m a piano geek. I’m passionate about the technology surrounding the piano. I graduated in piano performance with an ARCT and a Bachelor’s degree in Music. I have a voracious appetite for learning – especially that of piano manufacturing. Having taught piano professionally for 30 years and over 25 years in retail and tech work, I understand both the needs of teachers, to educate their students and as a parent, I understand that investing in a piano can be daunting when you don’t really know the facts. It’s my aim to be objective and clear in communicating the piano to you. It is my purpose to bring the facts as close to the source as possible. It’s my vision to promote the piano and in doing so, celebrate music.
~ Glen Barkman