Description and differences: The Ritmüller piano line is manufactured in Guangzhou, China by the Pearl River Piano Group. The Ritmüller line is considered the more European sounding line of pianos with many upgrades from the Pearl River line. They contain subtle details like slow-close fallboards and real ebony sharp keys. All of their pianos have Röslau piano wire from Germany. And while they all follow state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, within the Ritmüller line, they vary in some of the parts utilized.

The Legacy line has tapered, all spruce laminated soundboards. This line contains in-house (Pearl River) felt for hammers on all upright models with the exception of the UP120RE (German felt). The Legacy grands utilize Japanese felt for the R8 and R9 models. The Superior line has Japanese felt in the uprights and German felt in the grand pianos. This line also has all spruce laminated soundboards (un-tapered). Finally, the Premium series from Ritmüller contain Würzen felt in the RSH upright models and Renner hammers in the GH models. The Premium line also features solid spruce soundboards. The piano actions for all Ritmüller models are made by Pearl River with the exception of the 3 highest models RSG243, GH212R and GH275R. They contain additional upgrades of Dehonit pinblocks, Laukhuff keyboards and Strunz solid spruce soundboards, made in Germany.


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