Rönisch 186K Grand Piano

Piano Name: Rönisch Website: Rönisch Model: 186K Made in: Germany Parent Company: Carl Rönisch Pianofortemanufaktur GmbH Company Location: Germany Height: 6’2″

History: Established in 1845, Carl Rönisch became one of the largest manufacturers in Europe before 1900. Credited as Imperial Purveyor for Austria and Hungary. After being decimated through 2 world wars, the company once again started to manufacture in 1948. In 2008, Rönisch joined the Blüthner facility and still manufacture pianos independantly within their premises. Dimensions: 6’2″x 63″ or 186cm x 157cm Available Finishes: Polished or Satin Ebony, Mahogany, Pyramic Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, White, Bubinga, Rosewood or Burl Walnut Features: Hard German beech 18 ply inner rim ~ German pine beams ~ 9 Ply cross laminated hard German beech outer rim ~ Hard German beech, 19 ply cross laminated pinblock ~ Solid quarter-sawn close-grained mountain spruce soundboard ~ Close-grained mountain spruce ribs ~ Solid German beech ribs ~ Traditional grey sand cast iron plate ~ German steel, nickel-plated tuning pins ~ High-tensile German steel, hexagonal strings ~ Carl Rönisch action, all wood action ~ Finest long fiber virgin wool hammers ~ Close-grained mountain spruce, solid keys ~ Sharps of solid, genuine ebony ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Sostenuto pedal

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