Impressions: Sitting at the Hailun HG151 piano, you get the impression that the piano has what I would describe as a “Classic” feel. The Hailun company, which I visited in 2015 manufactures roughly 38,000 pianos annually and takes a traditional approach to manufacturing, performing many of the processes by hand. Every grand at the factory undergoes 3 levels of refinement in regulation and tuning. Where applicable, computerization has been implemented. For example, drilling 225 tuning pins with precision is best done with computer accuracy. Installing the soundboard and bridges are chiseled out by hand. Certain aspects of installation still require hand crafting. Signature feature is the birds-eye maple inner rim which adds a beautiful accent. The HG151 feels fluid from top to bottom in touch. It’s a delight to play and would fit into any home environment. ~ Glen Barkman

Piano Name Hailun
Website: Hailun Pianos
Model: HG151
Made in: China
Parent Company: Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments Co. Ltd.
Company Location: China
Length: 4′ 11.5″

History: Mr. and Mrs. Hailun Chen started manufacturing piano parts in 1986. By 1995, complete pianos were being manufactured in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Today it has expanded to 430,000 square feet of manufacturing with over 800 employees, producing thousands of pianos annually with global representation.

Dimensions: 4’11.5″x57″ or 1m 51cm x 145cm

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony, Mahogany or Walnut. Also comes in Chippendale style (models ending with “C”)

Features: Wet sand cast plate ~ Reinforced German felt hammers ~ Röslau strings ~ Duplex scaling ~ Mountain spruce laminated soundboard ~ Hand-notched maple bridges (Dovetailed & Pinned) ~ 18 Ply quarter maple sawn pinblock ~ 10 Dovetailed ribs ~ Hailun “Performance Plus” Design™ maple action ~ Aluminium action rail with maple core ~ Hard maple serrated hammer rail ~ Multi-laminate poplar keybed ~ Japanese PMMA keytops ~ Brass pedals ~ Sostenuto pedal ~ 15 Year warranty

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